What We Do


We are a growing collaborative research network primarily comprising higher-education students and early-career academics based in the UK, the Philippines, and Indonesia. Our contributors are scholars with expertise ranging from clinical medicine to computational biology, and have experienced working in well- to poorly-resourced settings.

We provide ...

… by advocating
the importance of
identifying the right
treatment for the
right people and by
nurturing aspiration

… by collaborating and
connecting them with the
right people, place, and

… by helping them
contribute to solving
real-world problems

… by training and
equipping them to
do research

Filipinos and Indonesians
motivated to do research

Filipinos and Indonesians
empowered to do research

Lives saved and
policies shaped

We’re different because we focus on ...

  • Capacity building
    We invite contributors to take up a role best suited to their skills while providing the opportunity to acquire new ones.

  • Early exposure
    We encourage junior scholars to collaborate and network as early as possible.

  • Local and global knowledge
    Our studies benefit from our combined experience working in low-, middle-, and high-income countries.


We advocate for policies, practices and products that improve the funding and regulatory environment for research as well as the delivery of health and social care, especially in the Philippines and Indonesia. We do this through authoring publications, holding workshops, and engaging in a variety of other events. Examples of what we’ve done can be found here.