How To Get Involved

Why join us


We focus our research on chronic disease and healthcare delivery. Your contribution may help identify potential targets for intervention.


You will have the chance to have your work published in peer-reviewed journals and present your findings at scientific meetings. Having your work published in journals, especially those with high impact factors, could help accelerate your career progression.


Conducting research will enable you to develop a host of transferable skills, including investigational, writing, and organisational skills, which will be useful for various career tracks. Moreover, it will demonstrate initiative, a quality that many employers seek.


Collaborate across different levels of expertise and disciplines. Keen, less experienced individuals will have the opportunity to learn from more experienced researchers. Experienced researchers will have the chance to explore opportunities for collaboration and outreach.


How it works


Get in touch with us! Let us know your research interests, skills and experience, and whether there is any specific role you would like to assume.


Tell us your own project ideas and how we could help.


Choose one of our available projects that fits your interests.


Our Track Leaders with help you find other contributors and devise project plans. This ‘blueprint’ needs to be approved before any work related to the project starts.


Start collaborating! Each contributor in a group should undertake their assigned parts of the project. A Research Co-ordinator will be responsible for leading the project. If you are a beginner, make them aware of your training or supervision needs.


Summarise your study and results, in the form of a scientific report or conference presentation. Our internal review will decide whether any additional work is necessary prior to making the results public.


Tell the world about your findings through publication in peer-reviewed journals, international conferences, and other media.