International Conference on Diabetes and Metabolism 2017

Here is an article from Dian C. Sulistyoningrum from the Department of Nutrition and Health Faculty of Medicine Universitas Gadjah Mada. Dian received a travel grant of $1,000 from the Korean Diabetes Association for submitting an outstanding abstract, and this in turn gave her the opportunity to attend the event they hosted in South Korea. 

At the end of September this year, I was invited to attend the International Congress of Diabetes and Metabolism 2017 which was held in  to present my abstract entitled: Associations of serum leptin with vitamin D in American adults: The third National Health and Nutrition Survey. Along with the abstract submission, an application for a travel grant was done and I was fortunate to have received one.

My abstract was received as a poster and the viewing time was about 15 minutes for the two-day event. There were a handful of attendees, and despite the numbers not being as high as I wanted it to be, there was quite an interest on the oral presentation and it ended with a question or comment from the chairman or audience. In addition, I also did an oral presentation of a collaborative study which I was also involved in, in lieu of a colleague who wasn’t able to attend the conference.

In addition to the two-day congress, I joined a course on Diabetes Education in Asia. We learned about diabetes epidemiology and management in Asia from an internist, dietician, and nurses. The course was complimentary for the congress attendants. It was attended by healthcare professionals from various countries in Asia including: Korea, Mongolia, Cambodia, The Philippines, China and Indonesia.

My group for the Comprehensive Education Course for Asian Diabetes Educators

The overall event went quite well. There were many international speakers who shared their research. I would recommend young scientists doing research relating to diabetes to attend this conference. In addition, Seoul, South Korea is a beautiful city. Rich in culture, beautiful in landscape and delicious food.


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