Every Year
0 million
Die from chronic Disease


Leading causes of death in the Philippines and Indonesia include major chronic or non-communicable diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease and cancer.

We motivate and empower Filipinos and Indonesians to engage in high-impact public health and biomedical research that has the potential to save lives.


We connect students, academics, and anyone with an interest in biomedical and healthcare research with each other, as well as more established researchers.


We provide and encourage collaboration on impactful public health and biomedical research projects that can help solve real-world problems.


We help you contribute to understanding and improving human health by disseminating your research and exploring ways to implement it.

Our projects

We are currently focusing on four areas:

  • Value of cancer genomics, transcriptomics and proteomics for precision medicine
  • Policies and practices for effective delivery of universal health coverage
  • Effects of and interventions for smoking
  • Causes, effects of and interventions for obesity

Our impact

We conduct and publish high-impact studies with implications for improving healthcare delivery and run workshops to motivate and empower current and prospective researchers. Moreover, we advocate for more research funding, more focussed education, and system reform as tools to improve healthcare delivery.

Our team

We have a core team of professionals who form the backbone of PILAR and who work to deliver our objectives around research and advocacy. Our team has experience in business development and management, marketing, software development, clinical practice, and of course, scientific research.


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